Impact of Brexit for EU Customers

From the 1st January 2021 the transition period is over and the UK is no longer in the EU single market and customs union.

As before, we will continue to sell products that meet all the relevant EU standards and there are no customs duties when shipping PC equipment to countries in the EU (or anywhere in the developed world).

What has changed?

The significant change is the collection of EU VAT. Our website currently does not apply VAT when selling to customers in the EU. But VAT will need to be paid within your country at the standard rate for your country. You will be contacted by the courier (UPS/DHL) for payment of this VAT while the parcel is in transit, and the VAT must be paid before delivery, plus a disbursement fee of about €15.

If you are a VAT registered business in the EU we will need your VAT and EORI number included when you fill in the address form. Some EU countries have a deferred VAT payment scheme to save needing to make upfront VAT payments on UK imports.

Warranty and Support?

We already sell worldwide and have worldwide warranty and support, so in this area there is no change from leaving the EU.

Most of our customers are businesses and individuals in the EU, and we will continue to be an excellent supplier into the EU long into the future!