Silent Fanless PCs


Needing a silent fanless PC?

Are you looking for a PC that can handle your heavy workloads without making a sound? Look no further than our Fanless PCs, they are the ultimate silent computing solution. Our Fanless PCs are compact and sleek devices that use advanced passive cooling technology to keep your system running smoothly and quietly. No fans, no noise, no dust, no worries.

Our Fanless PCs are equipped with a powerful processor, ample memory, and fast storage to handle any task you throw at them. Plus, they have a low power consumption making them eco-friendly and they can be installed almost anywhere.

At last! Your source of reliable powerful fanless PCs! Order yours today and enjoy the sound of silence.

See our products sorted to your requirements:

Our products are grouped into the following families:

sigao-top-angle-tr-112.png Sigao Fanless Industrial Grade with heatpipe cooling of CPU and chipset. Protection from water spray and dust. Suitable for Industrial & Business users. Supports the 14th Generation 24-Core i9 Processor. Ultra fast PCIe 4.0 SSD with heat pipe cooling. Option for PCIe expansion cards or Nvidia graphics to add up to 4x 4K Displays.
  euler-tx-fronttop-90.png The BLK Family of Fanless PCs feature Black Solid Aluminium cases that can sit on a desk, be rack mounted or be VESA mounted onto the back of a monitor. See our new Galileo Rackmount and our TX-Series both available with 14th Generation i7 processors. The T-Series enables users to add/change 2x 2.5" Disk Drives.

Fanless NUC PCs based on miniture NUC motherboards. The latest NUC 13 Pro models use heat pipes to increase heat transfer performance, enabling the latest i7 processors to be used intensely, giving processing performance never achieved before in such a small form factor. We have a variety of models suitable for Industrial, Business and Home users.

Based in the UK and shipping worldwide:

We sell our fanless PCs to customers all across Europe as well as to the USA and worldwide. Our fanless PCs are being used in many commercial and industrial solutions. For example, our fanless PCs are at the heart of test equipment, point of sale terminals and automated number plate recognition systems.  We are keen to partner with businesses that need to build fanless PCs into their own product ranges, so please contact us to see how we can provide a solution for you.

Need something different? We can create a custom solution for you, just let us know your specific requirements.