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CPU Performance Comparision

The following lists the Passmark CPU performance scores of processors used in our products. They have been obtained either from our own tests or from http://www.cpubenchmark.net/

The Passmark scores are averages from real users running "PerformanceTest" software on their systems and posting the results to the web site, enabling the comparison of the relative speeds of the different processors. PerformanceTest conducts eight different tests and then averages the results together to determine the CPU Mark rating for a system.

CPU           Technology              Max TDP  Passmark CPU Mark
i7 7700T DDR4 3000 7th Gen Kaby Lake 35W 10408
i7 6700T DDR4 3000 6th Gen Skylake 35W 10124
i7 7700T DDR4 2133 7th Gen Kaby Lake 35W 9964
i7 6700T DDR4 2400 6th Gen Skylake 35W 9827
i7 4790S 4th Gen Haswell 65W 9629
i7 6700T DDR3 6th Gen Skylake 35W 9418
i7 4770S 4th Gen Haswell 65W 9347
i7 4790T 4th Gen Haswell 45W 9245
i7 3770S 3rd Gen Ivy Bridge 65W 9105
i7 4785T 4th Gen Haswell 35W 8183
i7 4765T 4th Gen Haswell 35W 7540
i5 7500T 7th Gen Kaby Lake 35W 7485
i5 4570S 4rd Gen Haswell 65W 7021
i5 7400T 7th Gen Kaby Lake 35W 6887
i5 6400 6th Gen Skylake 65W 6850
i5 6500T DDR4 2400 6th Gen Skylake 35W 6340
i5 6500T DDR3 6th Gen Skylake 35W 6280
i5 7260U 7th Gen Kaby Lake 15W 5883
i5 4590T 4rd Gen Haswell 35W 5843
i5 6400T DDR4 6th Gen Skylake 35W 5657
i3 6100 6th Gen Skylake 65W 5341
i3 7100T 7th Gen Kaby Lake 35W 5289
i5 7300U 7th Gen Kaby Lake 15W 5252
i7 5557U 5th Gen Broadwell 28W 5235
i3 6100T 6th Gen Skylake 35W 4944
i5 3470T 3rd Gen Ivy Bridge 35W 4591
i3 3225 3rd Gen Ivy Bridge 55W 4371
i5 6260U 6th Gen Skylake 15W 4355
i3 4130T 4th Gen Haswell 35W 4260
i3 7100U 7th Gen Kaby Lake 15W 4076
i5 3427U 3rd Gen Ivy Bridge 17W 3866
i5 5250U 5th Gen Broadwell 15W 3855
i5 3337U 3rd Gen Ivy Bridge 17W 3673
i5 4250U 4th Gen Haswell 15W 3616
i3 2100 2nd Gen Sandy Bridge 65W 3601
i3 5010U 5th Gen Broadwell 15W 3278
Pentium G3440T 4th Gen Haswell 35W 3241
i3 4010U 4th Gen Haswell 15W 2652
i3 3217U 3rd Gen Ivy Bridge 17W 2624
Celeron J3455 7th Gen Apollo Lake 10W 2125
Pentium N3700 5th Gen Braswell 6W 2035
Celeron N2820 4th Gen BayTrail-M 7.5W 1100
Celeron N3050 5th Gen Braswell 6W 1067
Celeron 847   2nd Gen Sandy Bridge    17W 1023


Thermal Design Power (TDP) represents the near maximum power a product can draw for a thermally significant period while running commercially available software.