What will Brexit mean for EU Customers?

From the 1st February 2020 the UK is no longer in the EU. Nothing changes with our trade relationship for the rest of 2020.

A trade deal with the EU for 2021 and beyond is now under discussion, but for us, selling Fanless PCs, we are confident that the future will have little change. We will continue to sell products that meet all the relevant EU standards. There are no customs duties in the developed world on PC equipment.

The only noticeable change we are expecting will be the collection of EU VAT from individuals. From 2021 we are planning on enabling EU VAT to be collectable through our checkout so that there is no need to separately pay a courier before delivery. We expect that for EU businesses there will be streamlined processes that will not require upfront payment of VAT when importing from the UK.

We already sell worldwide and have worldwide warranty and support, so in this area there is no change from leaving the EU.

Most of our customers are businesses and individuals in the EU, and we will continue to be an excellent supplier into the EU long into the future!