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Motherboard/Feature Click on link to filter DDR4 Speed Video Outputs Dual LAN Wifi & Bluetooth PCIe SSD RAID 0/1 Serial RS232 Premium Audio
H110T 2400Mhz HDMI, DP Yes Optional No No Optional No
H170i-PRO 2400Mhz HDMI, DP, VGA, DVI Yes Yes Optional Yes Optional No
Strix H270i Gaming 2400Mhz HDMI, DP Yes Yes Optional Yes No Yes
Strix Z270i Gaming 3000Mhz HDMI, DP No Yes Optional Yes No Yes
Strix H370i Gaming
8th Gen
2666Mhz HDMI, DP Yes Yes Yes, User Accessible Yes No Yes
Z390 Phantom 
8th Gen
3000Mhz HDMI, DP, 
Thunderbolt 3
No Yes Yes, User Accessible Yes No Yes

DP=Displayport 1.2; RAID needs 2x identical disks; Premium Audio is near-lossless audio with 120dB SNR

Our products have 7th Gen or 8th Gen CPUs. If you need older 6th Gen Skylake CPUs because you need to run Windows 7 or older Linux releases, we have many models that can have suitable 6th Gen CPUs installed. Please contact us for a quote.

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