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Ultimate Fanless PC now with DDR4 3000Mhz memory options (up to 32GB)


Our Ultimate Fanless PCs that use the ASUS Z170i Pro Gaming motherboard now have the option of 3000Mhz memory for 16GB and 32GB configurations.

In our testing this improved the "Passmark CPU mark" score from 9827 to 10225, a 4% improvement, compared to the 2400Mhz memory.  Note, the 2400Mhz memory that is standard for this product range is already a faster version compared to the 2133Mhz memory used with other Skylake PCs we sell.

On the Passmark website, the score for the i7 6700 (the 65W full power version) is 9965, based on 1810 samples submitted.  So although we use the 35W low powered version of the i7, the 6700T, you are not sacrificing any performance compared to the i7 that is commonly used in fan-cooled desktop PCs.

See the i7 version here.   See the i5 version here.
See the i7 with PCIe SSD here.