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Status of Fanless Skylake NUC PCs (Impactics & Akasa Newton S6 cases)


For several years we have supplied intel NUC PCs in fanless cases, using aluminium cases manufactured by Impactics and Akasa. Naturally many customers are now asking when a Skylake (6th Gen) version will be available.

We are expecting a new model by Impactics for Skylake i3 and i5 NUCs, with products ready for sale by the middle of May 2016. This uses a similar design to the previous cases by Impactics, with the main difference being a power button on the top of the case, rather than the front.  We will be the first in Europe with stock, so please contact us to reserve stock for you from initial supplies.

Unfortunately the new Akasa Newton S6 case, which was imminent, has been removed from the market because of incompatibility with the Skylake NUC motherboard. The production version of the Skylake NUC removed an internal connector needed for the case's front power button & LED. This connector had been on the pre-production NUC used by the Akasa design team. According to Akasa, future production runs of the Skylake NUC should have the connector included on the motherboard, which would then enable the Newton S6 to be used. So it is possible we will be able to supply this solution later this year.

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