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New "user accessible" M.2 PCIe SSD option for Ultimate Fanless PCs


We are now making available the ability for a customer to access the super-fast PCIe SSD that is installed on the underside of motherboards in our Ultimate Fanless range of PCs.  This is done as a result of us modifying the Ultimate Fanless chassis so there is an opening to get at the SSD.

So at last it will be possible to replace or upgrade the installed M.2 SSD without needing the motherboard and heatpipes to be removed. 

The bottom panel of the case is held in place with a few screws, so these can be simply removed and then the SSD is freely available.  The SSD is cooled by using a thermal pad and aluminium block which attaches to the SSD when the bottom panel is in position.

This option will be added to our product ranges over the coming week and will be an additional £15 charge.  In the meantime we offer it as a free upgrade to any orders placed from now.