New PCIe 4.0 SSD with Heatpipe Cooling

New PCIe 4.0 SSD with Heatpipe Cooling

Now launched....

We have designed a new cooling solution for our Sigao Fanless PCs that enables a heatpipe to cool both the motherboard chipset and the top mounted PCIe SSD.

This solution is available for both 10th and 11th Generation motherboards. The 11th Gen motherboards have increased the speed to PCIe 4.0, enabling fast SSDs like the Samsung 980 Pro to meet their full potential.

In our testing, using an ASUS B560i and i9 11900T, with the PC running with a constant heavy load (with CPU at maximum 35W power), after 2 hours, the Samsung 500GB 980 Pro SSD was at only 45°C. All temperatures were stable (not rising).  When the PC is idling at the Windows desktop the SSD is 36°C.  When running an intense read/write test at 1GB/s for 2 minutes the temperature rose by 3°C. Streaming 2 videos continually from SSD raises temperatures 1°C. Room temperature 21°C.

Another benefit is that there is now 2 x PCIe SSDs supported, with the second one on the underside of the motherboard and accessible underneath the bottom plate. That SSD is also thermally connected to the case for cooling.

New PCIe 4.0 SSD Heat-pipe Cooling

22nd Apr 2021

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