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New Fanless PCs with 8th Generation Desktop CPUs coming very soon


The introduction of 8th Generation desktop CPUs with power optimisation (denoted with the T suffix) has reset the landscape for what can be achieved with fanless PCs. 

These processors, such as the i3 8100T, i5 8500T, i7 8700T, are categorised as being 35W TDP (thermal design power), which is supposed to indicate that the CPU will consume up to 35W average power when heavily loaded, compared to up to 65W for standard desktop CPUs. 

We have been testing all these processors to see how they perform and what fanless cooling is suitable. In summary our key findings are: 

  • i3 8100T: Has changed from 2 to 4 cores, and now has performance similar to 7th Gen i5. 
  • i5 8500T: Has changed from 4 to 6 cores and now has performance similar to 7th Gen i7. 
  • i7 8700T: Has changed from 4 to 6 cores (with 12 threads) and has had a massive jump in performance, over 37%, but can use far more power and can generate far more heat. 

From a fanless perspective it is not all good news. The i7 8700T is definitely not a 35W TDP processor. From our measurements it should be labelled in the range 50W-55W. We are able to make a typical test system running Prime95 consume 112W at the power plug, whereas the equivalent i7 7700T system would consume 80W. 

The power and heat levels from the i7 8700T when it is extremely heavily loaded mean that it cannot be used in our current “Ultimate Fanless” and “FC8 Series” cases. It is possible to change motherboard BIOS settings to lower (throttle) the maximum TDP allowed by the CPU, but we do not intend selling the systems in this way. 

We have a new range, which we are branding Sigao (from the Greek "to keep silent"), which is a larger case with industrial grade cooling and power supply. This is able to power and cool the i7 8700T and provides an amazing level of fanless CPU performance. 

Watch this space for announcements over the next few days as our new ranges are made available. Please contact us for more information.