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4TB & 5TB 2.5" 15mm height hard drives... what products do they fit?


The latest Seagate Barracuda 2.5" disks in 4TB and 5TB capacity open up new opportunities for those who need larger storage in cases that only allow for 2.5" disks. However, as these disks are 15mm thick (compared to 7mm and 9.5mm for normal 2.5" disks) they are limited to cases that allow for this extra size.

All of our Ultimate Fanless PCs can fit these 15mm high drives in the position where the optional DVD drive would fit. So if your build does not use an optical drive then one of these disks can be installed. In these PCs the second 2.5" position only supports disks up to 9.5mm thick.

The Seagate 4TB disk is available for £176 inc VAT in the "SSD/DVD/Blu-ray" option list for Ultimate Fanless PCs.

Seagate 4TB & 5TB Specifications